Scotty Bowden Cross Country Mountain Biking, Clifton Beach.

Thanks to Warren Frey for the awesome camera work and a huge thanks to Rianrex for the amazing piloting skills which helped us show Scotty Bowden doing what he does best.

2015 Australian MTB Championships

The 4SHAW Dyad racing the 2015 Australian Mountain Bike Championships

By Scott Bowden

WOW! What a weekend it was in the Victorian Alpine town of Bright for both members of 4SHAW DYAD. With myself securing my first national title in the U23 Men XCO and Tom finishing a solid 8th we were both very happy with the results of the weekend.

The 4SHAW Dyad racing the 2015 Australian Mountain Bike Championships

Things kicked off as usual with Tom and I meeting at the Melbourne airport, driving 3.5hrs to Bright courtesy of Tom’s Dad, Rob in the hire car. The system followed during the weekend was almost identical to every other race we had been to during the season, as to avoid trying new things before the biggest race of the summer. By now we have got things fairly well dialed especially our pre-race meal cooked by Tom – chicken and mushroom risotto.

The 4SHAW Dyad racing the 2015 Australian Mountain Bike Championships

With a different style track to all others we had raced on so far this season a few extra nerves were raised. The track consisted of a 1.25km start loop which was much longer than any other this season, and shorter climbs and descents, making it a much more punchy course broken up with false flat fire tail sections.

The 4SHAW Dyad racing the 2015 Australian Mountain Bike Championships

Things fell into place perfect for myself throughout the race, other than a crash on the first lap where I lost my front wheel and went OTB. I managed to lead into the single track after the start loop and build an advantage from there to the finish. Crossing the finish line first had been my goal since the start of the season and everything I achieved leading up to it has been a massive bonus!

Tom has recently commenced his last year of his Engineering degree and in the lead up to the race had been juggling work, study, living away from home, training, racing and travelling – a hectic schedule! All the while managing to pull out 8th place at the National Championships.

The weekend was capped off nicely with overindulgence in fine food at the Bright Brewery and one or two frothies to celebrate. This week sees me take a few days off the bike to rest, recover and reset before the next challenge, whilst Tom will be lining up for the grueling Otway Odyssey in Forrest, VIC this weekend.

The 4SHAW Dyad and 4SHAW Boss Dion Shaw on the podium at the 2015 Australian Mountain Bike Championships

A massive thank you to all our sponsors for their incredible support this season! Notably Dion Shaw from 4Shaw for his ongoing support of the team, Evan James for helping out in the feedzone passing us bottles all season and Jenni King from Pedallab for her super coaching! We are already looking foreward to the 2015/16 National Series! Ciao!

Photos by AMB.

2015 Oceania MTB Championships

4SHAW Rider Scott Bowden

By Scott Bowden.

The Oceania MTB Champs were held in Towoomba yesterday serving up some warm weather and dusty trails. I rode out to the race by myself from the accommodation which was suppose to take 19km however I managed to find a way to ride there in around 25km missing a turn and riding a couple of km’s before realizing I was on the wrong road.

4SHAW Rider Scott Bowden racing Oceania 2015

As a result I had completed a more than sufficient warm up and was ready to go for the U23 Mens XCO – a 5 lap race with the track consisting of two main climbs and descents. I missed my pedal off the start but compensated by doing two one legged revolutions to keep the momentum going forwards before I found my pedal. Without much loss of position I found myself entering the single track in second, which is where I stayed until the top of the second climb on the first lap before leading into the final descent. I lead through the end of the first lap with a small buffer to 2nd and settled into my own rhythm holding the lead until the conclusion of the race.

Oceania 2015 Podium with Scott Bowden of 4SHAW on step 1

My first XCO race on a Thursday and my first Oceania title was a great way to start the week of racing – with the final round of the Subaru National Series to go on Saturday and Sunday. I am absolutely wrapped with the result and looking forward to some more hard racing tomorrow. A massive thanks to Evan James and Ed Hollinger for supporting me throughout the race passing me bottles.

Scott Bowden 4SHAW Dyad Team Rider

4SHAW welcomes Focus Bikes

The 4SHAW DYAD rides on Focus Bikes
Focus Bikes and all Focus products are born of a true passion motivated by a love of our sport. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s exactly the same love that brought 4SHAW into being. The parallels didn’t end there, Focus care right down to the very DNA about quality and building beautiful gear. This passion and true joy for the sport meant that when the opportunity to work with Focus more closely came up, we had to take the chance.

Focus Bikes are built around the famed german approach to precision and performance engineering and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that the 4SHAW racing Dyad will be riding on Focus Bikes. They’re behind us, and they want all riders reach the very limit of their capability and beyond.

We’ll leave you with the words of the Focus Bikes team, because we think it sums it up perfectly…

Passion. Performance. Perfection.
At the core of everything we do.
Focus Bikes


New Gear: The OCD Pack

4SHAW is proud to announce the OCD Backpack is now on sale. This collaboration with BO Gear is combines 4SHAW’s world renowned rockstar grade styling with BO gear’s unparalleled bag crafting.

The result is a bag made from tougher than 520gsm tough matte-luxe tarpaulin, teeming with pockets and a huge carrying capacity that still fits within the approved airline cabin baggage size limit. Whether you’re looking for a bag for a big day riding mountains (it just wipes clean) with or a bag to commute with, the OCD has you covered.

Want to know more? Hit the store and grab yourself one of these amazing packs.

Oceania MTB Championships MT Hutt New Zealand

Team 4SHAW's Scott Bowden at the Oceania MTB Championships MT Hutt, New Zealand 2014

By Scott Bowden.

I had initially decided not to make the trip over the Tasman Sea to the South island of New Zealand for Oceania Champs due to starting uni and assuming I’d be too tied up with commitments there. A last minute decision saw me realize I was enrolled in a course I didn’t want to do, leading me to do something I wasn’t interested in. Through this decision making process I realized what it was I did want to do as well as realizing having a gap year would be a good option for myself having just finished year 12 and a hectic one at that.

Once the decision was made to have a gap year I had no excuse not to go to Oceania’s! I was extremely fortunate to be able to travel with my coach Jenni King from Pedallab and her partner and support ace Ed Hollinger as well as Torq Australia riders Mark Tupalski, Ben Forbes and Tristan Ward.  I booked flights and the rest is history.

Team 4SHAW's Scott Bowden at the Oceania MTB Championships MT Hutt, New Zealand 2014
Having spent the majority of Thursday travelling we arrived in Methven a small town 1.5hr drive from Christchurch at the bas of Mt Hutt. We did the usual unpacking of bikes and organized ourselves for course practice the following morning.

At the completion of the first lap of the track we were all excitingly impressed with the course as it was a proper mountain bike course with no shortage of climbing, steep, rooty, technical decents and fun flowing trails.

Team 4SHAW's Scott Bowden at the Oceania MTB Championships MT Hutt, New Zealand 2014
The u23 race started two minutes behind the Elite field at 12:30. Us boys opted to ride out to the track (approx.. 40min ride – most of which was flat) to warm up. Mitch Greenway’s dad happened to catch up to us in his hire van and motor paced us to the course providing a great warm up. I was lucky enough to be called up on the front line for the race.

Managing a good jump off the line I made sure I didn’t waste any energy too early in the race. Entering the single track in a good position I rolled through the first lap in 7th. From there I moved into 6th on the second lap passing a Kiwi rider on the long drawn out climbs. We yo-yoed a fair bit throughout the race and just as I thought I had dropped him he managed to claw his way back and attack on the last lap leaving me to finish in 7th. I was happy with the result and pleased with my decision to make the trip abroad.

Team 4SHAW's Scott Bowden at the Oceania MTB Championships MT Hutt, New Zealand 2014
The trip would not have been possible however without the help of 4Shaw and Giant Bicycles Australia both of whom have provided top notch products for this season! A special mention also goes to Dean from Torq Australia for providing nutrition for the weekend allow me to fight hard for all of the 6 laps throughout the race. And to Jenni and Ed for letting me stay with them!

Pictures courtesy of Rebekah Tregurtha.